Baird Hall is the co-founder of Wavve, a seriously cool platform that allows you to create graphics with a sound bite… over here at Badassery, we use Wavve and totally LOVE it!

If you haven’t heard of Wavve, what is it? An online platform that allows you to create audio sound bites for your social media which is seriously easy to use! All you need is a graphic and audio file, upload it to Wavve and then share on your social media.

How did Wavve get started? With wives who were best friends, Baird and Nick started to build their friendship over coffee and shared ideas. They realized they had complimenting skills which could be utilized to build a business together! In 2016, Baird and Nick had over 300 hours of audio content, which they discovered couldn’t be uploaded as audio clips to social media for their audience. The first iteration of the app wasn’t quite what consumers wanted.

Did Baird and Nick give up? No! Instead they listened to their audience and customers, and made changes from the feedback they received, and researched their target market (which included podcasters), who use audio to promote their brand until they created what we see today.

What should be your biggest takeaway? Once you get ‘hands on’ with your consumers, the feedback you receive will change what you are able to offer!

About Our Guest

Baird Hall

Baird Hall

Baird Hall is the Founder of Wavve, an online tool that helps creators share audio content in a visual way on social media. Used by thousands of popular podcasters, musicians, & other audio creators, Wavve gives marketers the power to turn audio clips into content that drives reach & engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & more.

Previously, Baird founded a B2C Startup in the social audio space (acquired) and was an early employee for an Inc. 500 Startup for 5 years. Baird lives in Charleston, SC with his wife and also volunteers to help local entrepreneurs get connected & inspired through Startup Grind Charleston. | Facebook

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