These two words describe Tiffany Han: real and raw.

Tiffany is a coach and creative strategist who works with women who are serious about taking their business to the next level.

With a desire to help others, Tiffany’s career started at a non-profit organization. Without knowing what would actually happen, Tiffany made changes to her life, trained to become a coach in 2011; then launched her podcast in 2014 because she wanted to create an interview series on her blog.

Tiffany teaches a class, based on a personal project, where she made a public commitment to receive 100 rejection letters: all to be able to celebrate rejection. She now teaches this program to creative women so that they can overcome their fears of failure.
Why do something like this? All so that we are able to welcome and celebrate ‘rejection’; and not feel that this means we have failed.

To instigate deeper conversations that go well beyond the surface encouragement we see in the online business world, Tiffany launched the year long project “A Year of Truth Talks”.

If you started your career in an office environment, do you still sit at your desk and think of ‘working hours’? Yep, a lot of us probably do! Tiffany is re-framing what ‘work’ looks like for online business owners, and changing the conversations we have with ourselves.

The biggest takeaway from Tiffany? Show up as you and be authentic. Just because others might not agree with you, doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong!

About Our Guest

Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han light fires under highly-creative women to help them raise their hands and say yes to turning their big dreams into a big reality.

Her jam is telling the truth; and not just the ‘looks-good-on-paper truth’, but the motherf*cking truth. The truth that stops you in your tracks. The truth you feel in your gut. The cumbersome, annoying truth that tells you it’s time to wake up and live a different life.

Tiffany’s superpowers are helping you recognize your truth, teaching you how to tap into your authentic creative voice, and rattling the cage of your self-imposed comfort zone.

  • By asking the tough, sticky questions that you don’t want to hear, let alone answer.
  • By calling you on your shit — so, lo and behold, you actually wake up.
  • By letting the appropriate answer be NO, even when everyone around you wants to hear YES.

See how this works? It’s Tiffany’s job to make you as uncomfortable as possible for the sake of the life that is waiting for you!

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