Mollie Fagan is the creative mind behind Real to Ideal. Mollie is so much more than just a success coach, as she is starting a (r)evolution, via enlightened marketing, so that we look after the planet we live on: supporting those who may may not have a strong enough voice themselves.

Mollie has used the platform of entrepreneurship to be able to share her message on a bigger stage, and showcase her why in such a way that creates more impact.

Mollie has a strong belief that big business and corporations have a negative impact on small communities and our planet as a whole, as they destroy the environment via the techniques they use: whether it be removing a forest to build a business, or removing a water source of a small community. Mollie believes that we should use our power (and money), as small business owners, to put back into the communities that need our support.

The (r)evolution has always been something that has been important to Mollie; even though others have tried to ‘pull’ the rebel out of Mollie over the years. Mollie says that this is her true authentic self, without a mask… hello, badass!

How do you tap into your true authentic self? It all starts with removing the ‘layers of masks’ we have become accustomed to wearing. By making time for ourselves to explore who we are beneath the mask, we can re-discover our true self and then pass this on to our families. Mollie has listed her ‘superpowers’ on her website, which we think is beyond epic. Mollie’s clients call her the ‘Merpirate’, as she helps her clients look beneath the masks and badges we have given ourselves and helps them find the ‘hidden treasure’ that WILL BE their next level!

Community is everything to Mollie, which includes her Facebook Group, so that she can not only build on her work and continue those amazing conversations.

What does Mollie want her impact and legacy to be? To be able to make an impact for the next 7 generations: her why always comes back to ‘what can we do today that will make a difference in the future’.

About Our Guest

Mollie Fagan

Mollie Fagan

Mollie’s clients started calling her the Merpirate Business Coach, because “she helps you uncover the hidden treasure that is your unique way of doing business and use it to attract soulmate clients that can’t wait to go on an adventure with you!”

She created Real To Ideal as a vehicle for global evolution, to help biz owners, thought leaders, and influencers grow their own movements and revolutionize their industries.

She’s a total geek for anime, steampunk, whisky, and writing fantasy fiction where the misfits are the real heroes and the future will be decided by the dreamers who team up with the doers.

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