Maggie Patterson has now been in business for 13 years, something we all want to be able to in a position to celebrate!
Maggie has been through several iterations of ‘business’, including ALL of the changes with the internet. Maggie has taken her experience from freelancer to the biz owner of content marketing agency, Scoop Studios.
At 8 years in, Maggie made changes to how she looked at her business and evolved to the agency and podcast she is known for today.

At heart, Maggie is a writer. If she wasn’t, she probably wouldn’t be such an badass content marketing writer. Alongside this, she also mentors small business owners to create content that maximizes their skillset.

What is content marketing? Literally any piece of content we put in front of our audiences: from branding, to the blogs we write and the products we sell (which includes us). Everything our audience sees need to be looked at strategically, with our focus on one thing, so that we are able to excel at that (before we start to add anything else).

If you want the entire scoop on this episode, you need to dive on in and listen to Maggie’s experiences over the past 13 years!

About Our Guest

Maggie Patterson

Maggie Patterson

Maggie Patterson is a communications strategist, business growth consultant, and the principal consultant at Scoop Studios. With two decades of experience, Maggie has spent her entire career in client services and has been a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years.

Today, she works with online and small business owners to help them implement smart strategies for business growth and to maximize the impact of their digital marketing. She’s the host of the Small Business Boss podcast, has been on stage at events such as New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, and the Conquer Summit, and her work has been featured in leading publications such as, Fast Company and

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