Ariana Lovato is a serious badass… why? because she’s broken the mold on what is ‘expected’ traditionally and created both a life and lifestyle that fits who she is. With a Persian background, Ariana’s background and upbringing has driven her to pursue a non-traditional path; where she has been able to pave her own direction in life.

As both an interior designer (with her own studio) and online clothing shop owner (with some seriously awesome tee shirts and tanks), Ariana has always wanted to be her own boss. With a fire to continually build on her passions, with new ideas coming to her all of the time, Ariana decided that she had no better platform to take these ideas to the next level.

To understand how Ariana has carved her own path in both life and business, you need to listen to this episode: it is FILLED with awesome truth bombs about fueling your desires and passions, that allow you to carve your path in life!

About Our Guest

Ariana Lovato

Ariana Lovato

Central Coast of California-based interior designer, Ariana Afshar Lovato, has always had a spark for design and all things creative. With an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (F.I.D.M.) as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of LaVerne, Ariana possesses a strong understanding of design and culture to create spaces based on her clients’ passions and inspirations.

After working for established Designers and Builders, Ariana founded Honeycomb Home Design in 2016, an Interior Design studio located in Shell Beach, CA. With projects ranging from Restaurants to Office Spaces to Custom Homes, Ariana brings her passion of design and helping others to her company everyday. Becoming a business owner was a dream for Ariana since she was young. Being raised in a traditional Persian family, Ariana was taught to follow a stable career path and not take any risks. This is what fueled Ariana even more to be her own boss!

In April 2018, Ariana started an Etsy Shop called Sweet As Honey, which sells clothing geared towards working professionals and creatives. In particular, Ariana launched the “Be The CEO” tee, which benefits the Women’s Business Center in San Luis Obispo, CA, a non-profit dedicated to helping young women start businesses.

When she isn’t pursuing her love for design, Ariana spends time with her husband, Matthew and their four pugs, Molly, Lily, Walter and Tux. Ariana also enjoys volunteering for local non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity. Ariana serves on the board of Central Coast Interior Designers, is an Associate National Kitchen and Bath Member, and a member of the Iranian-American Women Foundation – IAWF.

Honeycomb Home Design on Facebook | Sweet as Honey on Instagram | Etsy Store

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