Lauren Eliz Love, AKA the Badass Business Babe had a desire to leap away from the corporate way of life she felt tied to and make a blog that went against all of it!

When Lauren could see there was a space to grow and add ‘more’… the Badass Business Babe business and movement was created; where Lauren specifically focused on supporting other female biz owners & entrepreneurs and light-workers to develop their voice to share their message with the world.

Being real, raw and vulnerability is something that so many women struggle with on social media; but… Lauren challenges herself to do all of this, and do this on a deeper level so that her community can ‘see’ just how real she is!

Dive in and listen to some epic truth bombs from the Badass Business Babe to find your individual authentic true-self.

About Our Guest

Lauren Eliz Love

Lauren Eliz Love

Lauren Eliz Love is a life and business coach; the founder of the Badass Business Babe movement. She teaches online entrepreneurs how to make money online with vulnerability, authenticity and a big heart.

Lauren started her online business as a blogger in 2015. A former Producer for CBS News, she decided to walk away from corporate life so she could pursue a job, “making money by sharing her life stories.” Since then, Lauren has life and business coached more than 10,000 online entrepreneurs helping them shift into more financial abundance and self confidence. She teaches women how to grow online businesses with heart and soul.

She shares her free trainings and resources in her Badass Business Babes community on Facebook and on the Badass Business Podcast.

Today Badass Business Babe and What is Perfection LLC. generates about $50,000 per month. Lauren believes in teaching entrepreneurs how to create the wealth they crave by transforming the business woman from the inside out.

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